Strange Maine

This is a 24×36 oil on Gallery wrap canvas. It’s title is Strange Maine. I did a smaller study of a tighter section of the subject (top of forest and congress street Portland Maine). I tried to have done for the library show but I still have some touch up. It will be showing at Dock Fore in April


Top of Forest

This is an 11×14 oil on canvas study of the top of forest ave and congress. I am going to start my first commission piece next😊


I have been working on this piece for the past couple of weeks. You would think it wouldn’t take that long to paint, I actually did a smaller version a while back, but this one has been difficult to create from my minds eye. I get caught caught up trying to “correct” it. I like how it looks, it is an impression of a period of my life a few years ago, it is a 36h x 24w oil on Gallery wrap. I am planning on a small series of these😊

Iris and Buzz

This one is a large piece with a couple touch ups here and there but I think it came out pretty good😊It is a 48×24 oil on panel titled “Buzz and Iris”. This one will be part of my summer shows